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■In a tough competitive environment, you need sophisticated technology and the ability to respond

New technologies and originality are what it takes to succeed in changing times. The worldwide recession has broken open the door to a new era of environmentally-responsible vehicles. It takes a broad spectrum of leading-edge technologies to respond to the need for energy conservation and high-performance. TAMADIC has taken on the difficult technical challenges of cost reduction, miniaturization and weight reduction, fuel efficiency, and environmental issues. We provide a full range of services to the automotive industry, from development and design to production preparation and line maintenance.

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Main Features

TAMADIC is well-equipped to support all phases of manufacturing process, from design to production preparation and systems development. We can manufacture special-order parts at our plants. Leveraging this integrated production system, we offer end-to-end support throughout the vehicle planning process, from basic design to line start up. Through the skillful application of concurrent engineering (CE) methods that pull together years of factory floor experience and knowledge, TAMADIC provides total support for the entire production process.

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Passenger Vehicles
TAMADIC is your all-around partner in passenger vehicle production. We provide total support for the planning of passenger vehicle facilities design. We work with you from development designs, including body modeling and parts design, to tooling design, preparation of NC data for tool fabrication, and the design of jigs for welding, machining, and assembly. We also support the design and fabrication of special-purpose equipment. We build and supply the control systems for automobile assembly that is right for your particular requirements.
TAMADIC supports not only the planning and design of such critical bus components as bus bodies, fitting-out equipment, electrical systems, and climate control; we are also involved in the development and design of the systems that make bus transportation convenient and comfortable, including electrical and climate control equipment. TAMADIC contributes to the building of safe and comfortable transportation spaces.
Trucks, Specialty Vehicles, Forklifts
From the planning of parts, jigs, and vehicle assembly control systems to tool and die design, the preparation NC tool fabrication data, the design of welding, machining, and assembly jigs, as well as the design and fabrication of specialized equipment, TAMADIC has sophisticated technical development capabilities to support the entire specialized vehicle development and design process.
Truck/ Custom designed vehicle/Fork lift
Truck/ Custom designed vehicle/Fork lift
Production Preparation and Process Management
From start to finish of your project, from production preparation planning and startup technical support to the management of all production processes, TAMADIC is your best partner for total production system support. We deliver state-of-the-art production environments that are both safe and comfortable.
Preparation for processing, Progress management
Preparation for processing, Progress management
Contents of business Technology fields
Technology Fields
Full-size bus design Seat design
Specialty vehicle development and design Combination lamp design
Hybrid vehicle battery development and design Fuel system design
Automobile parts production equipment design Brake design
Electronic parts and substrate analysis models Accelerator design
Vehicle power train development and design Suspension design
Engine development and design Production equipment control design
Drive train development and design Engine design
Design of plastic parts Transmission design
Instrument panel structural design Chassis and body design
Design of small motors for vehicles 3-D modeling of automobile parts
Design of automobile acoustic absorbent materials Production preparation
ROB-CAD analysis technology Production technology
Press formability analysis Automobile assembly control systems
Body production equipment design Press die design
Vehicle development Welding jig design
Engine compartment layout Die-cast parts design
Floor layout Design of welding, machining, and assembly jigs
CPM design Instruments, console, layout
Inspection jig design Windshield wiper design
Transport simulation  
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