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Factory Automation / Robotics

■TAMADIC Know-How Contributes to Craftsmanship in Cutting-Edge Industries

TAMADIC has been involved in the crafting of a wide range of products, from large rockets exceeding 50 m in length to the most minute semiconductor parts. Know-how born of many years of experience is what it takes to make a real contribution in the field of industrial machinery. TAMADIC rises to the challenges posed by the need for high-performance and high precision while minimizing costs, and is also strongly involved in the ever-expanding role of IT technologies as well as green technologies. Depend on TAMADIC for the development of sub-micron order precision machinery and plant expansion design.

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Main Features
TAMADIC’s strength lies in the fact that we offer total engineering know-how to serve you every step of the way in the manufacture of industrial machinery, from research and development to fabrication and process design, all the way to a variety of evaluative technologies and quality control. In a very real sense, TAMADIC is intimately involved in the process of craftsmanship. Another unique feature of TAMADIC is that our own manufacturing division can fabricate machines and parts in-house to customer specifications. More than just providing technology, TAMADIC is your all-around partner in craftsmanship.
Precision Machinery
TAMADIC develops and designs wire electrical discharge machines, electrical discharge die-sinking machines, small-hole electrical discharge machines, among others. These precision machine tools make it possible to work hard metals that could not be machined in the past with conventional machining technologies, and are increasingly essential in the fabrication of dies for the aerospace and electronics industries, as well as in parts prototyping.
Detailed machine
Detailed machine
OA Equipment
TAMADIC supports the manufacture with the development and design of magnetic drum automatic assembly machine, and assembly automatic lines for batteries, memory sticks, mechanical decks, and other devices for the office automation equipment used in offices, small offices/home offices, and other places where people do their day-to-day work.
OA machine
OA machine
Semiconductor-Related Equipment
Leading-edge semiconductor devices form the heart and soul of the copiers, digital cameras, and other electronic equipment that have become essential elements of our daily lives. TAMADIC provides manufacturers with the highest quality development and design services for the industrial warehouses and transfer apparatus used in the semiconductor device industry.
Semiconductor related machine
Semiconductor related machine
Automobiles, Aircraft, and Other Industrial Equipment
TAMADIC supports the development of a wide range of industries by providing planning, design, assembly, and installation tuning services for specialty machine tools, assembly equipment, and measurement apparatus, along with testing and inspection devices.
Automotive, airplane, other, Industrial Machinery
Automotive, airplane, other, Industrial Machinery
contents of business Technology fields
Technology Fields
Semiconductor production equipment design Construction vehicle development
Liquid crystal production equipment design Jig design for construction equipment welding
Intelligent appliance production equipment design Printed circuit board installation equipment
Precision machinery production facilities design Design and manufacture of measuring instruments
Design of electric discharge machines Design of automated measuring instruments
Design of automated warehouses Design and fabrication of electrical control devices
Industrial vehicle digital production technology Copier development and design
Semiconductor and liquid crystal clean facilities design Design of installation jigs
Analysis and strength calculations Design and fabrication of robots
Industrial machine robot design Development and design of camera parts
Case development and design Design of automated assembly apparatus
3-D modeling Camera module automatic installer design
Design of wafer polishing equipment Design of automated drills and mounting equipment for inkjet heads
Development and design of large industrial printers Semiconductor wafer transfer equipment
Liquid crystal glass production equipment design Precision machinery product development
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