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Electronics System

■TAMADIC Can Perform End-to-End Development In-House With Integrated Hardware and Software Development Flows

From training tools to large-scale plant systems development, TAMADIC flexibly provides a full range of services to meet your company’s needs. In addition to designing software for particular requirements, TAMADIC can design module circuitry and develop substrate designs using electrical and electronics technologies. TAMADIC, which is well-versed in the manufacturing environment, stands ready to take on challenges of hardware and software development in a broad range of technical domains, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment.

Contents of business Technology fields
Main Features
Leveraging know-how built up through years of experience, TAMADIC can respond to the requirements of a wide range of industries. TAMADIC does the circuit design and software development which make up the backbone of electrical and electronics technologies. We are ready to serve your company with hardware and software development and overall project management, from technology element studies all the way through specification design, production trials, and mass production.
First, we develop product planning documents and specifications that embody the requirements of the market.
Development and Design
TAMADIC performs development and design work of the electrical and electronic circuits, devices and mechanisms, software, and printed circuit boards that form the core of the project.
With the goal of making products that are free of problems and defects, TAMADIC tunes assembly procedures, performs debugging, and implements operational testing. We also offer such services as evaluative testing and on-site installations.
Mass Production
TAMADIC does designs production equipment, develops inspection apparatus, and supports production preparation and quality assurance tasks to ensure stable production.
Mass production
Mass production
Contents of business Technology fields
Technology fields
  • Firmware development and design
  • Development of production facilities-related programs
  • Unmanned control design
  • Material distribution equipment sequence control design
  • Machine-tool control software development
  • Inverter circuit design
  • Transport equipment control design
  • Automobile assembly control systems
  • Design of printer manufacturing equipment control
  • Vehicle distance sensing apparatus
  • Transport equipment electrical controls
  • Liquefied air power generation apparatus
  • Sequencer network device circuit design
  • Harbor traffic control systems
  • Sequencer CPU circuit design
  • ECU substrate test apparatus
  • Built-in sequencer software evaluation
  • Axial flight simulation
  • Development of motion controllers (electronic circuit design)
  • Pressurizer servo controllers
  • FA sequencer development (electronic circuit design)
  • Automatic transfer systems for semiconductor wafers
  • Applications of PLC (FA devices) for UL/ship classification in each country and evaluation tests
  • Sequencer control design
  • Automatic monitoring systems for high-pressure gas equipment
  • Material distribution equipment electrical design
  • Automatic control (PID) simulators
  • Design of control panels and units
  • Electronic units for plant remote monitoring systems
  • Printed circuit board design
  • Digital servo control development
  • CAM software development
  • Computer control system development
  • Software development for aviation and induction machines
  • Panel computer product development
  • Test apparatus software development
  • Development of metering interfaces
  • Program development for clean transport equipment control

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